Warranty Plans

Centrifuge Warranty Plans



Ozark Biomedical offers warranty coverage plans in leu of the standard 90-day warranty that our Pre-owned models come with. This extended coverage is tier-based, offering 6-month and 1-year total coverage options. The extended warranties replaces the standard 90-day plan, and covers parts/labor charges in the event of needed repairs. This does not cover scheduled maintenance or repairs resulting from abuse or neglect of the centrifuge.


Warranty services can include on-site and off-site repairs. In the event Ozark Biomedical determines off-site repair is needed, shipping fees of the defective centrifuge is paid by Ozark Biomedical. If Ozark Biomedical determines the most cost-effective resolution of a warranty is to completely replace the defective centrifuge with another working model, any shipping fees are covered under the warranty process.